Climate Change and Religion

From the Faith Angle Europe 2023 Forum in Côte d’Azur, France

Wolfgang Blau,

This session will explore the interplay between climate change and faith communities—in Europe and around the world. What is the state of today’s climate crisis? Are European and US political leaders addressing this reality, or exacerbating contrary views for their own advantage? How does the Judeo-Christian tradition’s description of “stewardship” and “exercising dominion over” affect public views of the earth’s resources? What can we learn from indigenous communities who view the land of their ancestors through a spiritual lens? How might faith communities, alongside policymakers and corporate leaders, inspire more people to relate differently to the planet—even if long-term dividends will only be realized by future generations? This talk will compare differing generational attitudes toward climate change, as well as new possibilities in journalism, religion, and the wider political economy to contribute to a better way forward.


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Climate Change and Religion

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