September 11–13
Washington, DC



For rising US journalists, the purpose of the Michael Cromartie Forum (MCF) is to help you deepen your understanding of faith and the public square, and to provide you with opportunities for mentoring and networking with leading experts and practitioners who can help advance your career.

Admitted participants will join 15 other journalists for an intellectually rigorous two-day forum in the nation’s capital. We cover your airfare, lodging, and hospitality expenses, and will invite you to substantively interact with scholars and journalists regular producing material in outlets such as NPR, CNN, The Washington Post, MSNBC, The Daily Beast, Fox, HBO, and Yahoo News.

During the forum you will be invited into substantive conversation about the enduring sociological-philosophical belief questions that animate both religious and non-religious life. You will hear polling experts describe the challenges of distilling changes in religious affiliation and practice. And you will interact directly with journalists producing Weekly podcast, preparing for television appearances, hosting NPR’s Morning Edition, and holding elected officials accountable through their written work. In all these ways, we invite you into a growing network of seasoned journalists advancing a deeper, richer understanding of religious belief and practice in American life.


Day One
America’s Religious Landscape:
Old Patterns, New Trends
Daniel A. Cox, American Enterprise Institute
Gregory A. Smith, Pew Research Center

Atheist Overreach: Sociological Reflections on the Current Moment
Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame

Day Two
Disruption as Opportunity:
Navigating a New Media World

Matt Lewis, CNN/The Daily Beast
Jamie Weinstein, The Jamie Weinstein Show

Practicing Journalism in an Age of Hyper-Polarization
Miranda Kennedy, NPR
Eugene Scott, The Washington Post
Jon Ward, Yahoo News


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