Religious Literacy: Journalism’s Blind Spot

From the Michael Cromartie 2023 Forum in Washington, DC

Carl Cannon,

William Saletan,

A veteran DC bureau chief and senior reporter weigh in on religion as a surprising priority and force for American readers—but also an area that, along with ideological diversity, newsrooms often fail to accurately cover. Why are many Americans often more religious than the columnists, reporters, and editors who cover our national life? While NYT executive editor Dean Baquet said in 2016 that “the New York- and DC-based media powerhouses don’t get religion,” what can be done about that? At a moment when institutional religion is on the decline, two exemplary journalists of over three decades will reflect candidly on some of their own learnings—and pay tribute to this event’s namesake.


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Religious Literacy: Journalism’s Blind Spot

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