Race, Reconciliation, and Unrest: The Charleston Story

From the March 2019 Forum in Miami Beach, Florida

A.R. Bernard, President and Founder, Christian Cultural Center

Dimas Salaberrios, Pastor, Infinity Bible Church

Nearly four years ago in Charleston, SC, white supremacist Dylan Roof opened fire inside of Emanuel AME Church, killing nine church members including its pastor. Two days later, when Roof first appeared in court, immediate family members of murdered congregants stunned the nation by extending to Roof words of forgiveness. How has abiding spiritual conviction in the black church impacted contemporary race relations as well as American culture? What specific lessons were present in Charleston, just following this hate crime? And how can the deepest religious convictions of minority populations enhance American pluralism, rather than detracting from it? A.R. Bernard will reflect on distinct contributions of the African-American church amidst racial tribalism, and Dimas Salaberrios will discuss what he learned in ministering to surviving family members, the week following the shooting.


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A.R. Bernard

President and Founder, Christian Cultural Center

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Dimas Salaberrios

Pastor, Infinity Bible Church

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