Global Poverty and Injustice: Taking the Long View

From the April 2019 Forum in Miami Beach, Florida

Gary Haugen, CEO, International Justice Mission

In confronting international poverty and injustice, most reform-efforts are overwhelmed by institutionally embedded corruption—particularly in the developing world. But not every case: in 1997, Gary Haugen founded the International Justice Mission, today a $71 million organization that works worldwide to protect the vulnerable and strengthen the rule of law by partnering with local prosecutors to punish criminals who perpetrate human trafficking or child labor. Given IJM’s unique reach into other countries, why do these basic human protections so frequently go unprotected? Is individual philanthropy—literally, “love of people”—related to basic property rights and police integrity? Finally, what role do the inner convictions of faith-based workers play in daily work, especially in the realm of “justice” causes? Gary will reflect on lessons from the last two decades, including the important role of religiosity in the lives of the oppressed.


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Global Poverty and Injustice: Taking the Long View


Gary Haugen

CEO, International Justice Mission

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