Faith and Mental Health: Can Neuroscience Free the Soul?

From the March 2019 Forum in Miami Beach, Florida

Dr. Curt Thompson, Founder, Being Known

Ana Marie Cox, Host, With Friends Like These

Today in America, over 43.8 million adults experience mental illness. Yet cutting-edge research about mental health is typically disconnected from American religious life—despite over 80 percent of U.S. adults claiming to believe in God. How might we better integrate “interpersonal neurobiology” in ways that enhance human relationships? What connection, if any, exists between vulnerability and discovery? And how can new discoveries about how the brain works impact the ways we handle shame—and carry out daily vocations? Dr. Curt Thompson and Ana Marie Cox will discuss these themes in the context of their own stories and work.


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Dr. Curt Thompson

Founder, Being Known

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Ana Marie Cox

Host, With Friends Like These

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