Climate Change, the Environment, and Religion

From the Faith Angle West 2022 Forum in Napa, California

Philip Jenkins,

Sewell Chan, The Texas Tribune

As global warming becomes an ever-more-urgent reality, will its environmental and societal impact in the Global South stay in those regions or will its reach also be felt in Europe and North America? How should religious leaders and communities understand and prepare for environmental changes, extreme weather patterns, and natural disasters caused by climate change? Sewell Chan, editor-in-chief at The Texas Tribune, sits down with Philip Jenkins, author of 31 books and distinguished Baylor University professor of history. This wide-ranging session featuring one of the foremost experts on global Christianity–in dialogue with journalists with expertise in environmental issues and its religious dimensions–will explore the ways in which formative climate and environmental changes throughout history can also trigger man’s search for meaning and shape the world’s religious landscape.


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Climate Change, the Environment, and Religion


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