The purpose of the Michael Cromartie Forum (MCF) is to help young journalists deepen their understanding of faith and current issues in the public square, and to advance their careers through mentorship and through networking with other journalists and key figures in culture and public life.

MCF is an extension of the work of the Faith Angle Forum, founded by Michael in 1999. FAF is grounded in a belief that journalism plays an indispensable role in a free society, and that both journalists and the public benefit from in-depth conversations about key issues in public life. Both forums provide a model for civil discourse and truth-seeking in an era where both are increasingly rare, and they honor Mike’s legacy of befriending and assisting journalists as they serve the public through their work.

Michael Cromartie Forum
Inaugural Agenda

Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington DC
June 21 – 23, 2018

Jon Ward, Yahoo! News

Empathy, Sympathy, Criticism: The Search for Truth in Reporting
Dr. Grant Wacker, Duke University Divinity School

Against the Stream: Meaningful Work in Today’s Media
Philip Rucker, Washington Post
Karen Tumulty, Washington Post

The Deep Dive
This session will feature an in-depth exploration of a topic in the news.


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