May 2012 Forum

May 6-8, 2012 // South Beach, Miami, Florida

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Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard
Claire Brinberg, Senior Producer, ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer
David Brooks, Columnist, The New York Times
Michelle Cottle, Washington Correspondent, Newsweek and The Daily Beast
Timothy Dalrymple, Columnist and Director of Content,
Paul Edwards, Editor, Deseret News
Michael Gerson, Columnist, The Washington Post
Dan Harris, Correspondent and Co-host of Weekend Good Morning America, ABC News
Nia-Malika Henderson, National Political Reporter, The Washington Post
Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist, USA Today
David Paul Kuhn, Chief Political Correspondent,
Cullen Murphy, Editor at Large, Vanity Fair
Kirsten Powers, Political Analyst, FOX News; Columnist, The Daily Beast and USA Today
Sally Quinn, Moderator, “On Faith,” The Washington Post
Reihan Salam, Columnist, The Daily and National Review
Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent, The Washington Examiner
Rachel Zoll, National Religion Writer, The Associated Press