Faith Angle West will convene 18-20 journalists and six speakers in Seattle, WA, for two days of rich conversation on evolving demographics within American Christianity, religious dimensions of the tech industry and its products, and new explorations of America’s religious landscape within pop culture.

Faith Angle West 2023 Forum

June 18-20, 2023 // Seattle, WA


Natalie Allison, POLITICO

Hal Boyd, Deseret News

Yusra Farzan, The OC Register

Lauren Gustus, Salt Lake Tribune

Tom Hallman Jr., The Oregonian

Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service

Eleanor Klibanoff, The Texas Tribune

Will Rahn, Yahoo News

Yair Rosenberg, The Atlantic

Debra SaundersCreators Syndicate

Eugene ScottCNN

Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Times

Jeremy WeberChristianity Today