Faith Angle West brings together leading West Coast and other US journalists for engaging discussions led by premier scholars on critical issues to help bridge the gap between religion and journalism. This forum, the first of its kind (since most Faith Angle gatherings since 1999 have gathered East Coast journalists), convened 18 journalists and five speakers in Napa, CA, for two days of rich conversation on polarization, race & religion in America, and technology.

Faith Angle West 2021 Forum

October 3-5, 2021 // Napa, California

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Eleanor Barkhorn
The New York Times

Hal Boyd
Deseret News

Jackie Calmes
Los Angeles Times

Carl Cannon

Sewell Chan
The Texas Tribune

Kelsey Dallas
Deseret News

Christine Emba
The Washington Post

Jon Fasman
The Economist

Andrew Ferguson
The Atlantic

Tom Hallman Jr.
The Oregonian

Melinda Henneberger
The Kansas City Star

Naomi Ishisaka
The Seattle Times

Miranda Kennedy

Linda Kinstler
University of California, Berkeley

William Saletan

Debra Saunders
Syndicated Columnist

Alayna Treene

Scott Wilson
The Washington Post