Faith Angle Miami brings together 16-18 leading US journalists for engaging discussions led by six premier scholars on critical issues that can help bridge the gap between religion and journalism. This forum will convene in Miami, FL, for two days of rich conversation on religion, poverty, and the new marriage debate; on the vocational arc and responsibilities of journalism; and on the state of the American church.

Faith Angle Miami 2024 Forum

March 17-19, 2024 // Miami, FL

Photo Gallery


Molly Ball, The Wall Street Journal

Adelle Banks, Religion News Service

Elaina Plott Calabro, The Atlantic

Jackie Calmes, The Los Angeles Times

Zachary Davis, Faith Matters

Christine Emba, The Atlantic

Adam Harris, The Atlantic

Matthew Kaminski, POLITICO

Miranda Kennedy, Vox

Matt Lewis, The Daily Beast

Daniel LippmanPOLITICO

Ed Luce, Financial Times

Mariya ManzhosDeseret News

Jane MayerThe New Yorker 

Meredith McGraw, POLITICO

Ashley Parker, The Washington Post

Will Saletan, The Bulwark

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Matthew Watkins, The Texas Tribune