2019 MCF Conference Information

We look forward to your participation during this year’s Michael Cromartie Forum, September 11–13, in Washington DC. Please carefully review the information below.



We ask that you please book your travel arrangements at your earliest convenience.

Please make any flight arrangements through Nicole Mattsson (646.520.0471) at Corporate Travel. She has your name on file, so you need only to mention EPPC’s Michael Cromartie Forum in September. If you are flying, please book your flight no later than August 21 and include the following information in your email to Nicole:

  • Name as per government issued ID:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Departure City:
  • Known Traveler number (if applicable):
  • Frequent flier information (if applicable):

Please note that the first conference event is Wednesday, September 11, at 6:00 PM. We ask that you arrive at the hotel no later than 5:00 PM. The conference concludes on Friday, September 13, around 1:30 PM.
Please review your travel arrangements prior to approving booking, and be sure the name you give to the travel agent matches your ID. You will be responsible for any change fees.



The conference will be held at The Darcy Hotel, 1515 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005.

We will make reservations for you for 2 nights, September 11 and 12. We strongly encourage all participating journalists, including those local to the DC area, to stay at the hotel throughout the conference.

Please note: you are responsible for booking reservations for any additional nights. If you would like to stay longer, please contact the hotel directly at 202.232.7000.


Other Information

  • EPPC will cover your transportation costs to and from the airport, as well as your lodging and food during the conference. If you choose to drive, we will reimburse you for mileage/parking, at the standard federal reimbursement rate, up to $250.
  • EPPC will not cover: baggage fees, airport parking, or miscellaneous expenses during travel.
  • Dress code is business casual.